Cong Phuong recruited – goals are not everything

If goals at club level are everything, Cong Phuong or Anh Duc obviously do not deserve to wear the Vietnamese shirt. tay tu trach
The goal against Club Brugge in the 1-2 defeat of the Sint-Truidense youth team on August 28 was Cong Phuong’s first goal at the new club. This is also Phuong’s first goal in the 2019 season. Nearly a year under Sint-Truidense and before that of Incheon United, Phuong still has no goals in official matches.

If the goal is everything, a player like Cong Phuong certainly cannot be included in the list of Vietnam team against Thailand in the 2022 World Cup qualifier. Of course, Park Hang-seo does not think so, so Cong Phuong still be summoned.

When asked about Ho Tuan Tai’s 8 goals in V.League, Mr. Park retorted: “Asked that about the number of goals, how will we assess the current Vietnamese strikers? What do you think of Ha Minh Tuan and Nguyen Tien Linh? The number of goals is important, but it is only one of the criteria for evaluating players. That’s not 100% of my criteria ”.

Coach Park did not say wrong. He also did not intend to give any special favor to Cong Phuong. In fact, the performance of the club, particularly the number of goals in the domestic league, sometimes has nothing to do with the performance of a player on the national team.

Cong Phuong, who has not scored at club level in 2019, is still the best striker of the Vietnam team at the AFF Cup and the Asian Cup with 5 goals. The second person on the list with 4 goals is the old general Anh Duc. In 2019 season, Anh Duc has only 2 goals for Binh Duong in V.League.

Another evidence for this phenomenon is Ha Duc Chinh. The U23 striker scored against Brunei and Thailand after 3 U23 Asian qualifiers in March. In V.League, he also has 2 goals after … 21 matches. phong thuy nha bep

In the opposite direction, three extremely stable strikers in the domestic league, Nguyen Van Toan, Nguyen Van Quyet and Tien Linh, have only one goal at the AFF Cup (before Cambodia). King’s Cup 2019 recently, Van Toan and Anh Duc kicked off. The results remained the same when the Binh Duong veteran continued to score the only goal to defeat Thailand.

Who dares say goals (at club level) are everything?

At the team level, the attention, international experience, the ability to confront strong defenses, the ability to take advantage of the smallest opportunities where a striker is more important than a goal. in the domestic league. In this regard, Anh Duc or Cong Phuong are somewhat ahead of their peers.

Mr. Park is not the first coach and not the last one to think so. Across the front line, coach Akira Nishino probably shares the same view. Thailand’s two strikers Supachai Jaided and Chananan Pombuppha have a total of 4 goals this season but are still summoned and prodigy Suphanat Mueanta (7 goals) is crossed out.

Going back to Cong Phuong’s case, it is impossible to ignore that the striker is playing football abroad, playing in a competitive environment, in a tournament that is much more difficult than V.League. Last season, while still playing for HAGL, Phuong scored 12 goals and ended the V.League 2018 as the internal scorer.

Coach Park Hang-seo also confirmed that he still monitors and updates all information about Cong Phuong. He said Phuong is still in good shape, not injured and ready to play. The World Football Federation (FIFA) stipulates that the national players are only allowed to leave the club for 4 days including the day of competition (5 days if on another continent). Therefore, Cong Phuong was only allowed to leave Sint-Truidense on September 1. He will be in Thailand on 2/9 and have 3 days to prepare before the match.

Having not scored even one goal in Belgium, Cong Phuong still deserves to be an important card of Vietnam before Thailand.

Why did Quang Hai win the Golden Ball?

The paradox of goals in club and national colors also partly explains the excellence of Nguyen Quang Hai. He is a rare Vietnamese name that maintains a consistent level of goals on both levels.

At the AFF Cup and the Asian Cup, Quang Hai scored 4 goals, on par with Anh Duc. In the past two years, Hai has 18 goals for Hanoi Club in domestic and Asian tournaments. And that’s the number of goals a person is playing in midfield.

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