Barca is losing consciousness, making them unique

Football cannot stand still, a play that cannot be dominated forever. Going to a control team like Barcelona is also slowly denying its long habit. phong thuy phong ngu

The defeat against Bilbao in Barca’s La Liga day could be completely ruled out by the fact that there is a lack of Lionel Messi or Luis Suarez’s injury. Or not, Bilbao played too well on the day of General Aritz Aduriz having the ball of King Midas.

Failure is merely a failure, but failure but by self-transformation and self-transformation cannot be underestimated. The signs are getting clearer, when no longer Messi, no Barca player wants to play “tiqui-taca”.

Returning to the time when the official match time was only 2 minutes 13 seconds, goalkeeper Ter Stegen had the ball in his leg. It is no coincidence that Ter Stegen is holding the ball, which is the result of the Barca squad being knocked back to the home side.

Bilbao’s pressure is very straightforward, with Aduriz slowly rushing up and approaching Ter Stegen, blocking the left pass for Clement Lenglet. Above, both Ivan Rakitic and Rafinha are closely attached. What is Ter Stegen’s solution?

The German goalkeeper decided to go far to the left wing for Jordi Alba, the pass was too strong and flew all the way along the vertical line. Even the correct pass, Alba is not sure enough time to deal with the red-and-white swirls that surrounds a lot.

And Bilbao’s later throw-in became destiny when it led to their goal, with Aduriz’s superb finish. Alba angrily condemned Ousamane Dembele for not being fiercely attached to Ander Capa and letting him break the ball inside. But whoever thought that if he had to find someone who was at fault, the biggest responsibility belonged to Ter Stegen – who had just thrown away control of the ball just 28 seconds earlier.

The expert responsible for Ter Stegen for escaping pressing, he still chose to be the right hedge where Gerard Pique and Nelson Semedo were standing very well, but he did not persistently pass a small line but believed in an adventure pass. dong tu trach, tay tu trach

Coordinating at short and medium distances has long been a Barca specialty, with the finished product “tiqui-taca” famous worldwide. At the peak, Barca is ready to play “ghost” with rivals right in the yard, even in the penalty area. But over time, it seems that this thinking has gone a lot.

There is no one to blame Ter Stegen, only Barca fans realize their players no longer believe in traditional play. Even in the following situations, Bilbao continued pressing high range and forced Barca to go up again.

Barca can no longer hold the ball at home, why? Because the current players are not qualified? Or because they don’t want to do that anymore, especially in critical times? Here, photos of the nightmare at Anfield three months ago come back, when Barca players only need to control the ball – what they “have a reputation” for is doing the best, but can’t do it either.

Barca used to be “king of the ball”, they never lost the ball easily or neglected. But now the price to claim the ball in Barca’s foot is too cheap, and that makes them no longer unique.

(According to bongdaplus)

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